Various programs

Here you can find some simple tools that I wrote either for fun or because I wanted to learn how use some specific techniques. Or tools that simple that they don't deserve their own category ;-)

Simple tool to compute an IPv4 netblock covering all IP addresses given on the command line.

For example:

~$ netblock

~$ netblock
Download here: (Colorized)
dlopen() demo
A simple program demonstrating the use of per-request loadable libraries. Similar concept can be used for allowing different skins of your application.
getaddrinfo() and gethostbyname() demo
Two examples how to look up domain names and addresses.

Below are programs that I didn't write but found them useful (although I often don't know who the author is).

Compute CPU frequency
This program computes the frequency of a CPU by reading a TSC register on x86 or amd64 CPU.
DMI decode
Read, decode and print the BIOS' Desktop management interface table.
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