Development efforts of Michal Ludvig

Some of the programs and tools that I wrote myself:

Nagios and SNMP scripts
Scripts for monitoring various server subsystems via SNMP and Nagios
SMTP client
Powerful command line SMTP client written in Perl with MIME message composition capability and STARTTLS, SMTP-AUTH and IPv6 support.
DDNS updater
Command line tool for creating and updating forward and reverse DNS entries in dynamically updatable domains.
LDAP schema and tools for Yubico YubiKey authentication.
VIA PadLock
VIA PadLock ACE support for the linux kernel and some applications.
VIA VT-310DP pipeline configurator
Tool for reconfiguring CPU pipeline length on VIA VT-310DP motherboards
OpenChrome for OpenSUSE
OpenChrome drivers supporting VIA Unichromegraphic cards for OpenSUSE Xorg-X11 packages.
Utilities to manipulate IPsec connections with Linux-2.6
CryptoDev 4 Linux
Port of /dev/crypto device for Linux
Library for subverting an artificial time to programs with time-locks.
FastCrypt driver
Linux kernel driver for Ce-InfoSys FastCrypt PCI crypto accelerator
S/MIME decoder
Extract plaintext from S/MIME signed messages.
HTML lowercaser
Filter for converting upper case HTML tags to lower case. It helps a lot when converting old HTML files to XHTML that doesn't allow upper case tags. It also preserves case of inlined programs (e.g. PHP) and quoted strings.
CygProfiler suite
Set of functions for easy building of a call tree of functions of a given program. It could greatly help in understanding how does an unknown piece of code work.
AMD64 registers
Summary of registers, their usage, numbers, etc.
Adding pseudo-ops for easier generating of Dwarf2 CFI unwind info for hand-written asm functions.
My very old school project - NetShips battle, written in C/C++ running in Linux, of course. I'm still taking care of it - at least it still compiles even with the new GCC 3.x...
ptrace() demo
Demonstartion of using ptrace() syscall.
XFree86 support for GDB
Port of an old patch that allows debugging of XFree86 4.x modules in recent GDB.
Various programs, tools, patches, ...

The rest is more less only a list of projects that I am (was) participating on.

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