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13th February 2007 at 14:57
I enjoyed your piece on the english language very much.. Trying to learn Czech now I find that it is a very difficult unlogic language. I've spoken/learned English from when I was 4 yrs old. And untill your writing I didn't think about the unlogic of it. Czech however is also strange to me... They change names of people. Like mely Gibsonova or Aly Caponove or whatever they make of it. In the western world it is denigrating to change once name unless it is in a loving way and strictly by close relations. Also I noticed there is no plural for words like doors and stuff. And also they have somtimes 20 different meanings for one word, wich even makes it for czech people very difficult to explain or understand writing. In some cases I heard people changing words from stores or places and the listening party couldnt make out what they meant untill they said the original name. English by far has the most words of all languages wich makes it easy to explain yourself in every way possible. I hope you realize that czech is a far less developted language and doesn't come close to the advanced use of terms like English uses them. I myself am Dutch so it's probably even more stupid language as czech ;-) Anyways enjoyed your article.

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